Hi, Welcome To My Website

‘Welcome to my website’

I am 23 years old and currently living in Bristol.

In 2015, I completed my first year studying for my music degree at BIMM (Brighton Institute of Modern Music) following a two year diploma in music course at Hereford College of Arts.

I enjoy live singing and I continue to perform wherever and whenever possible playing solo with my acoustic guitar at local festivals, weddings, parties and small gigs. My performances these days are all covers, which always prove to be very popular.

Seven years ago I left school and it was during my time at school that I took part in several productions (performing arts and drama) as well as many school concerts, some of which you will find on my website here.

I won a professional recording session after winning the ‘Junior Text Factor’ competition in December 2010 and I had my very first song produced. I was also invited to the Radio Wyvern studio’s in Worcester, where they played my song live on the Radio. You will find all of these radio recordings on the site. (Now ‘Free Radio’)

Since attending the recording studio’s I performed at several exclusive gigs and was invited to play at the Bridgebash Festival during the summer of 2011, which I really enjoyed.

I was a member of a local band that we created at college, with my fellow students called ‘Richa!’ We have played at several local venues, which had been a great experience.

I mainly perform solo playing at local pubs, clubs, small festivals, holiday sites and weddings, and decided a few years ago to remain as a solo artist and left the band, but I still remain in touch with my good friends from ‘Richa!’ the members are also studying at BIMM so we often meet up.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy looking through my small selection of past performances and your time on my website and I look forward to your comments.

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I am available for bookings, please email for details.

Steph x

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